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Keep gossip off the front page

Dear Editor,
I would like to commend the Rainy River Record for their continued support of local events especially involving the schools. The people involved appreciate the recognition and the community appreciates being informed.
The front page of last week’s paper did a service to the girls soccer team, however, at the same time it did a disservice to everyone at the school who has been involved, for much of the school year, in planning and preparing for a beautiful and memorable Prom experience for the graduates.
Was the article proclaiming “Prom Date conflicts with All Ontario’s” news or gossip? One person close to the situation related that the article in paper made them angry.  Stating,  “It totally took away from the achievement (of the girls soccer team) and made it a negative thing”, and that, “Everyone worked together to make everything work out.  Prom date has been changed. It (all) went very smoothly and was not the big deal it was being made out to be. Why isn’t that in the paper?”
I can now see why the real news, regarding School Board amalgamations,  was put on page 7.  It would appear that the Editor is more interested in gossip and less interested in investigating and providing  important information.
Save the front page for real news and events; like the girls win and that which should be brought to the attention of the reader because of the very real impact it could have on the people of our community and across the district.
Save the gossip for another area of the paper that is devoted to sharing the trivial.
–Richard Short
Rainy River