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Another race is in the history books!

Letter to the Editor,
The 10th running of the Great Beaver Cardboard/ Duct Tape Boat Races is in the history books.
The hallmark of this event has always been a fun, safe, non-profit, family event on our beautiful Rainy River. It is run and funded by volunteer individuals and organization that donate their time and resources. They deserve our recognition and thanks.
Norampac of Winnipeg for the cardboard; Fort Frances General Supply for the Most Spectacular Sinking Trophy; Darren Lowes of Lowes Lumber for stepping up and supplying the Tuck Tape when our usual supply of Duct Tape from 3M failed to arrive on time; Ken Trenchard for those pieces of sidewall sticks; Telford Advent for the use of his sound system.
Other volunteers include Gerry Jolicoeur, Bob McGreevy, Gordon Prost, Richard Trenchard, and Dennis ‘Topper’ Topp of the Minnesota DNR. And Clarence Advent Contracting for picking up our dead boats this morning. I would also like to thank out local media and the RailRoad Daze Committee for their support of the event.
Lastly, thank you to all the adventurous souls who laboured on and manned all those almost unsinkable vessels, providing the rest of us with an afternoon of hearty laughs.
–Thank you all
Jack Elliott, chair 2012 event