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We must defend our freedom

by Ken Johnston

This week we started down a path that will surely not be an easy one to follow.

Whenever freedom has been threatened in the past 80 years or so, Canada has stood up fists clenched and done its part.

Two world wars, the Korean war, the Gulf War and many, many peace keeping missions have seen our soldiers protect that which we hold so dearly sacred.

Again this week we were called to answer a threat to our beloved freedom and we answered by committing one of the largest number of troops and equipment in relation to the population of Canada. I am proud that our leader, Jean Chretien has done this.

For weeks I have heard people asking how Canada will be able to meet this pledge, being that it is stretched so thinly around the world already. Some have said this will leave us vulnerable by shipping some 2,000 troops to the Middle East. But that is where they are needed.

The type of attack we witnessed on September 11, 2001 would not be stopped by our troops staying here to defend us. In effect our police, firemen and citizens are our best line of defense against suspicious, covert attacks. We all must keep our eyes and ears open and watch everyone with suspicion.

If more troops are needed then perhaps the government will have to call Canadians to duty. If enough volunteer we can avoid the draft; if not then it may have to be instituted.

That thought sends jitters down every young person’s spine. Some rise to the occasion easily, others do not find it a task they look forward to.

However, had no one stood up to the likes of Adolf Hitler in WW II, would we have grown up in a free and just society today? I think not.

Many gave their lives so that we could enjoy freedom and now a movement threatens that again. We must protect freedom for our children and their children.

–Until then,