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One big bear, but no Goldilocks!

Last Wednesday at about 3 a.m. the residents of the 100 block of Third St., in Rainy River, were awoken by dogs barking like crazy. As daylight arrived the reason became apparent. This big bear, some estimated to be between 4-500 lbs., was in the oak tree at 106 Third St. He came down but would not leave, enjoying apples from the trees on the south side of the trailer and acorns from the tree. All day people came and went to see the bear. He seemed unphased by people. He did climb the tree after being chased up it by a dog and a cat. Around 2 p.m. MNR arrived with a trap. However, the bear had gone to sleep in the tree. At about 8 p.m. he came down and ventured into the trap. MNR hauled him away the next day.

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