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We would like to dispell the rumors about our shop

Letter to the Editor:
Jon and Elissa of J & E's Unique Variety would like to extend our heartfelt gratitude to the people of Rainy River and surrounding areas for their warm welcomes and positive feedback. Since opening a month ago we have received many good wishes and thanks.
We're happy that you're happy we're here. "We are most impressed with the kids who come into our shop. "
They've been nothing but respectful and fun, and we are reassured that we made the right move to come to Rainy River; there are wonderful families here. Our children have quickly and easily made good friends, and we're also grateful for that.
We'd like to settle the rumors that we're a sex/head shop and that there's a secret back room. There isn't and we assure you that we are neither. We do have a small inventory of novelty smoking accessories, as well as a discrete adult/coupledome section that is both romantic and funny. We invite you to explore our Unique Variety shop yourselves.
Again, we appreciate all the warm welcomes and support.
Jon Laviolette and Elissa Gamble