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My thoughts on the latest NHL lockout

Letter to the Editor:
Here are my thoughts on the arbitration that is going on now between the players and the owners of the NHL, They had no fixed salary cap which should have been left at a million dollars but now has skyrocketed out of hand, I believe this has caused the third lockout that could end hockey for the 2012/2012 season. All because of greedy millionaire owners and player alike which only hurts their fans that pay big money and without them there would be no hockey.
We would be better off on having more junior hockey which is more like the way hockey should be played and that's scoring to win and not fighting and hitting like we have now in the NHL.
I loved watching hockey in the past especially when the Fort Frances Canadians won the Allan Cup which was hockey at it's best. I will not moss the hockey as it is played today so let these greedy millionaires fight it out while the fans have to bear the consequences of not watching NHL hockey, which if it was not for them, there would not be any NHL hockey.
The only fans that will benefit with this lockout will be fans from the American League in the USA and all the European fans wherever there is a game of hockey; their hockey will be much better with the added players coming from the NHL which makes them a more talented team to watch while we the Canadian fans have to find another sport to watch.
Michael J. Baranowski
Nestor Falls