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Very proud of our youth at the RRWT

Letter to the Editor,
During the Walleye Tournament I had the pleasure of watching an army volunteers go about doing a job that at times must have been very tiring. Each and every one of them needs a big Thank you for doing such a selfless job for our community. The revenues generated from this one weekend event are much more than monetary and cannot be measured by any means. One of the greatest of all the volunteers was the Children of all ages that were helping out. It was very impressive to see so many eager and willing to help. There were the girls that enthusiastically picked up and hand delivered each of the over 300 fish that were returned back to the waiting Rainy River, the girls that ran the children’s activities, helped with the displays and other setups in the tent even boat spotters. One young boy who was helping out on the docks as the fishermen returned from the day with there cache of fish, ran as fast as his legs could carry him from boat to boat with a fish bag and filled it with cool water from the River saving time for the fishermen so they could get to the weigh station in faster.
I have to admit that I was filled with pride at the site of our youth doing so much and many with out being asked, they just wanted to help and be a part. With so many youth ready to commission themselves to these tasks I feel we have a very bright future here in our community.
To all those Kids both old and young who did their part at the Tournament I along with my partners at the Rainy River and District Chamber of Commerce would like to say a great big Thank You.

“Great changes in our destiny can be effected only in the minds of little children.”
- Sir Herbert Read
Our next meeting will be at the Legion 5:30PM Oct. 10 see you there.
–Richard Trenchard
Rainy River & District Chamber of Commerce.