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Kudos to all the volunteers

Dear Editor,
It is remarkable how the responsible citizens of our communities never fail to step forward when there is a pressing need. Such was the case Sunday evening when volunteers from across our communities hosted the Harvest Supper in support of the Locum Rental House project held at the Evangelical Covenant Church in Rainy River.
Attendees from all our area communities filled the facility demonstrating their moral and financial support for this project that is such a vital part of the future of healthcare in the West Rainy River District.
Everything… the food, the gifts, the facility, the organization, the labour…was donated by individuals, area churches, service organizations, and businesses. Whether it was vegetables from Len Ricci’s garden, buns from Wood’s Quality Bakery, a host of Red Hat servers, or goodies from the likes of Eleanor Wiersema’s kitchen, everything was a gift of community spirit.
And when it came to the dessert auction, what can you say but thank you.
Kudos to everyone in our communities who have put their shoulder to the wheel.

Norma Elliott, past chair
Fund Raising Committee