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Searching for someone

Dear Editor,
I am searching for the author of a letter that appeared in the Record on Aug. 8, 2009.
My name is Larry Lalonde, I live in Toronto. I am trying to connect to this Crystal Evans (author of the letter) or her sister Leslie Evans-Young, if anyone had made contact with her. Crystal had written the readers searching for her Grandma, Irene Findlay’s family
My father was the firefighter in Toronto that saved Crystal’s and her sister’s father,
G. Lincoln Evans in a fire in January 1, 1961. Lincoln’s sister parished in the fire.
I just found out that their father Lincoln Evans passed away in 2010.
I hope this paper or family members can help me connect to these young ladies.
I would like to share some info that I have found.
Thank you,
Larry Lalonde
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