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I know how you feel

Letter to the Editor:
In response to your Ken's Korner 'Violated and Unsafe'. I can feel for you, as I know how you feel.
Our home was broken into, and they got into our bedroom and stole about $350.00 as well as a broken door frame.
That weekend I had locked everything, but I forgot to lock the back door and the gun cabinet, they must have known what they wanted because they went to the bag of money and didn't touch anything else.
Then about a week later they broke into my cabin and stole my Ruger 22 rifle, serial #11622686. All the doors and windows were locked.
Now what are the police doing about it? They know who it is, but they are talking about charging ME for not having any guns secured. But what the H.... more do they want? I didn't have an open door and I didn't ask them to come in. The cabin was entered without my knowledge or permission.
Thank you for the space.
M.J. Meunier
Rainy River, ON