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People need to stand up ofr Sturgeon Creek School

Dear Editor,
The future of Sturgeon Creek School (in Barwick) is currently under review.
The Accommodation Review Committee (ARC) is holding a series of four public meetings for students, staff, parents and community members to give their input as to the value of Sturgeon Creek School.
There was not a very large turn-out at the first public meeting on October 23rd. I have heard a few people negatively comment that this school’s closure is already a “done deal” (untrue), so why bother doing anything? If we do nothing, then we will certainly lose this wonderful, small rural school and will have no one to blame but ourselves. Don’t let apathy and complacency be the demise of a great school!
Sturgeon Creek unites numerous rural communities and provides a high quality education to the area children in a safe, healthy rural setting. The ample greenspace enriches the playground and learning opportunities. The school climate is warm, welcoming and friendly.
If you care about the future existence of Sturgeon Creek School, please attend the next ARC public meeting on Tuesday, November 20th at 6:30 pm at Sturgeon Creek School. An attendance sign-in at the door shows that your presence does matter. It’s usually standing room only at the Christmas concert, so why not for these important public meetings?
Shari Reynolds