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Where is the Stratton history book?

Dear Editor,
I am writing from Waterdown, Ontario (down south near Hamilton). My mother grew up in the Rainy River District near Stratton and later moved to Toronto where my sisters and I were raised. Despite the long distance, we were able to make regular trips to my grandparents home at Off Lake during the 50’s and 60’s. The RRD is a very special place for me and as an adult I’ve continued to travel north visiting with many relatives that I’ve stayed in touch with. One of the highlights of my week is reading the Fort Frances Times and the Record to keep up to date with local goings on. Over the years I’ve also managed to collect a number of the local history books that have been published.
One of the reasons for my writing is to tell you how pleased I was to read about the republishing of Victor Ricci’s book by his great-great grandson. I’ve already downloaded it from Amazon and read a couple of pages. It’s a wonderful book and kudos are due to Jamie Arpin-Ricci.
The other reason for my writing is to ask for your assistance in tracking down what is happening with the Stratton History book. After an article in the FF Times last spring, I got in touch with the publishing committee and sent along an pre-order for two books along with a deposit of $60.00. Since then, I’ve had no acknowledgement from the committee regarding receipt of the order or payment. I have written 3 emails asking for confirmation of my order and an indication of when the book might be available with no response whatsoever. I have asked several relatives in the area if they know anything about the book and no one has any new information.
I’m hoping that someone might have an idea about what is going on with the book or be able to put me in touch with someone at the committee who is willing to respond to an email or phone call. I’m not concerned about the money because no one has cashed my cheque. I’m just really looking forward to getting my copies of the book as my grandparents and great-grandparents were pioneers in the area and I would like very much to pass on some of that heritage to my children and grandchildren.
Thank-you, in advance, for any assistance you can provide.
Yours truly,
Allan Webb (of the Hughes and Nielsen clans)