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Does not make sense

Letter to the Editor,
As a former Sturgeon Creek student, I was happy to attend the last Accommodation Review meeting. There was an abundance of statistics and information stating logical reasons in support of keeping it open, along with heartfelt letters and presentations that demonstrated incredibly strong emotional connections to the school which deeply resonated with all of us. Despite what has already been said, it was stated that more stories need to be told through letters or presentations, to show the value of the school. This left me hopeful because I know that there are countless people who love this school - and that is why I am writing my letter. I have witnessed the positive results of communities working together to prevent small schools from closing, and unfortunately have also seen the opposite as well when people do not speak up. Whether you attended Sturgeon Creek or not, if you have Roots in this area as I do, please take just a few moments and send in your thoughts; the support of our future leaders and the district’s economic stability is everyone’s responsibility.
Along with so many others, including my niece and nephew, sisters, many cousins, lifelong friends and even an uncle, Sturgeon Creek School was the foundation of my youth, where life lessons were learned that I come back to time and again. A place where children truly learn how to become outstanding students, strong leaders and community minded with strong values (empathy, cooperation, persistence, tolerance, independence, and confidence, just to name a few). There is a great sense of pride to be a student of Sturgeon Creek; as I remember it, a school recognized for high achievement as well as teamwork and sportsmanship built on genuine kindness and caring.
These are the kinds of schools that we need more of. Sturgeon Creek, a school that sets a standard and inspires other schools, that creates strong relationships between students, parents and teachers, builds communities and reminds us that we share this planet and need to start working together.
I live in Edmonton, Alberta, however my entire immediate family resides in the Rainy River District. If an opportunity arises that brings me back to the area, my own children will attend Sturgeon Creek as I wouldn’t settle for less. I realize that this statement may not have much strength, but it is true.
Thank you very much to everyone who is volunteering their time to ensure the survival of Sturgeon Creek School, including anyone reading this letter. As stated time and again, closing such a remarkable school simply does not appear to make sense from any perspective.

Sherri (Stafford) Marienhoff