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Not happy with your headline

Dear Editor,
I am not happy with the “title” you gave to my letter to the editor last week. I had entitled it “Bring back the Extracurricular Activities” . You turned it into an attack against the teachers when you used the heading “teachers actions harming students”.
I get along quite well with the teachers in our local schools and have the utmost respect for them and appreciation for what they do every day. I place the blame squarely on Dalton McGuinty, his Liberal government, the Conservative opposition party, Education Minister Laurel Broten and the provincial (level) teachers’ unions for putting teachers in this position. If this was not clear from my letter then I apologize. To put it on the teachers themselves (as if they initiated this mess!) is asking for public backlash against them as individuals and as a group. That was never my intention in sending the letter to the editor. My intention was to take a side, the side of the student, because that is what everyone who has the power to affect public education should be doing.

–Dianne McCormack
Dawson, On