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Gays are capable parents

Letter to the Editor,
The year is 2013, and a time to re-adjust our thinking about certain issues. It is particularly difficult for people for older people to keep up with the times, myself included.
What was, when we were young is not necessarily the case now. Many beliefs have been dispensed by research and just a better knowledge of the world we live in. Similar to the archaic believe that the world was flat.
Many believed as I did, that being gay was a dysfunctional behaviour. Thank goodness that extensive modern research has established that that’s not the case. Some of us are born homosexual, the same as others were born to be heterosexual. Its a travesty to treat people as second class citizens and restrict their rights simply because they are gay. They have exactly the same rights as anyone else. Marriage, children. Yes, children!
Why should they be restricted from having a family? Are they not capable of being loving, nurturing parents the same as anyone else? The children they raise will follow the path they’re meant to follow just the same as anyone else’s’ children.
Life is difficult enough in this day and age without complicating it for other people who just want to live their life the best way they know how. Being gay is nothing to be ashamed of. It is personal preference which is exactly that, personal!
Not many of us would want other people in our private lives, dictating our actions!
–Monica Pigeon