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Repeal Regulation 274

Dear Editor,
Please print the letter below, written by Ontario teacher Angela Potts, regarding rescinding Regulation 274. It is a very serious issue that is
being dealt with by our own Rainy River District School Board as well as all Boards across the province. The Ontatrio Public School Boards Association is actively opposing this regulation on behalf of all its member boards.
P.S If Regulation 274 had been in place 9 years ago one of our own,excellent teachers, (dedicated, compassionate and very active with extracurricular activities) would not have been able to return to the district from Hearst ON, to teach for 8 years before retiring here in the community. That would have been a terrible loss to our students, school, families and community.
Dianne McCormack

Angela Potts' message
Please Help The Students and Teachers of Ontario: Rescind Reg274
On Wednesday afternoon, I had the opportunity to speak at a TDSB committee meeting on the issue of Regulation 274, and proposed changes to the Regulation brought forward by TDSB Trustee Howard Goodman. I was invited to come and speak, from a teacher’s point of view, about the many reasons why Regulation 274 is bad for Ontario students, teachers, and our education system, in general.
Please find my reasons for opposing Regulation 274 below, as well as a link to my petition, which has garnered nearly 1500 supporters over the past few months:
After graduating from my initial teacher education program in 2009, I began my teaching career as most teachers do nowadays: supply teaching. During the year that I was an occasional teacher, I worked as hard as I possibly could to get myself noticed and prove that I was an exemplary teacher, one who was an invaluable member of the school community. I got involved with extra-curriculars, came out to school functions, and went beyond the call of duty for students and staff members at the schools I worked at.
With this hard work, my passion for this profession was recognized and I was rewarded: I earned a contract position with the TDSB at the end of my first year of work. I didn’t know anyone with the board, I don’t have any family members who are principals, and I had no connections. I grew up a “small-town girl” in Brantford, Ontario, and moved to Toronto for my Initial Teacher Education program. Through hard word and dedication to my students, I earned a contract position. I earned a position over teachers who had been supply teaching for longer than I had, because I proved that I was passionate, dedicated and a good teacher. Hiring new teachers based on seniority alone will do nothing but ensure that passionate new teachers with innovative ideas and a willingness to go “above and beyond” will be kept out of classrooms in favour of teachers who have simply “put in their time.”
Another factor that Regulation 274 does not take into consideration is movement within Ontario school boards. For example, under Regulation 274, a teacher who has worked for the TDSB for 10 years, but needs to relocate due to family circumstances, would need to supply teach for a year before even being eligible to interview for the LTO list. After this, they would have to spend years working their way up to the “top” of this list, despite a decade of experience in Ontario schools. Few people would be able to afford such a move, which could drive many talented teachers out of the profession.
Although(as a contract teacher) some might suggest that Regulation 274 does not directly affect me, when I heard about it, and began speaking with colleagues, future teachers, parents, and Ontarians, and learning about the impact this Regulation will have on them, I decided to start a petition to raise awareness on this issue. In just a few short months, this petition has earned nearly 1500 signatures, and many insightful comments reflecting justhow harmful of an impact regulation 274 will have on education in Ontario.
If you’d like to view the petition, or read about the concerns Ontarians
have with Regulation 274, you can visit it here:
Thank you for your time and consideration,

Angie Potts , OCT