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Group shot

After the Grand March at the Rainy River Long Term Care Facility, the prom participants present, posed for a group shot. From left to right, Kelvin Croswell, Maria Vandenbramd, Kyle Olson, Jessica Haw, Logan Jackson, Karly Caul, Maddie Weir, Brandon Gustafson, Destiny Woolsey, Ernie Drennan, Sara Gall, Nolan Drennan, Erika Sheppard, Everett Chojko-Bolec, Holly Nixon, Nick Haw, Myan Miller, Jeff Dyck, Hailey Desserre, Cam Croswell, Kaitlyn Cottam, Colton Marchuk, Cali Clendenning, Tristan McKenzie, Kennedy Williams, Kayle Stamler, Cassie Westover, Tyson Pollard, Tyrell Chojko-Bolec, Tori Armstrong, Spencer Brown, Shelby Tympkin, Matt Armstrong, Emily Whetzel, Katelyn Shortreed, Bryce Godin, Daniel Anderson and Victoria Clifford. They would later participate in another Grand March at the RR Legion.

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