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Well we did it again

Letter to The Editor
Well we did it again - for the 11th time the Great Beaver Boat Races provided a splashing good time on the Rainy River on Sunday, July 20th. This zero budget event happens with the help of a whole bunch of volunteers including Telford Advent, Bob McGreevy, Jerry Jolicoeur, Minnesota DNR-Tom Heinrich, Gordon Prost, and Archie Wiersema. The supplies are donated by Ken 'Scrounger' Trenchard; Lowes Lumber-thanks for the tape; Norampac for the cardboard; Fort Frances General Supply for the trophies.
Thanks to all the spectators for turning out and cheering
And a particular thank you to the participants- some who have been in every event from the start - for turning out and enthusiastically providing us with such grand entertainment.
Isn't the Rainy River grand! See you again next year we hope
Jack Elliott, chair, Great Beaver Cardboard and Tuck Tape Boat Races 2013