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Concerned about derailments

Letter to the Editor
Sometime ago I was stopped at the Government Railroad crossing and a train was approaching from the West. I had nothing better to do so I started counting cars, there were 77 black tanker cars and about 10 white tankers, all black tankers were filled with hazardous material, fuel oil, bunker oil, gasoline, etc. The white tankers, I don't know what was in them.
The train company has camouflaged its shipments by putting ordinary box cars in between the black tankers, I know that this is the cheapest way to ship oil. But what would happen if a derailment was to happen anywhere in the towns between point A and the end?
The local fire department would be overwhelmed. I just wonder what goes though town in a day?
So far we have been lucky nothing has happened, so far so good, in the mean time keep your fingers crossed.

–M.J. Meunier
Rainy River