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War Amps began 95 years ago

Dear Editor,
I belong to Operation Legacy, a group of members of The War Amps Child Amputee (CHAMP) Program dedicated to preserving Canada’s military heritage and teaching other young people how to carry on the remembrance message.
This year, The War Amps is celebrating a major anniversary. Ninety-five years ago, First World War amputee veterans formed The Amputations Association of the Great War. The name was changed to The War Amputations of Canada when Second World War amputees joined their ranks. These men later started the CHAMP Program to assist young amputees like me.
In addition to having had the privilege of learning about Canada’s military heritage from a young age, I also know what it is like to live without a limb – a strong bond that I share with war amputee veterans. Because of this, I feel it is my duty to ensure that the stories of war are preserved and its lessons never forgotten.
Operation Legacy is a commitment to preserving our national military heritage, and by doing so, we honour the men and women who have fought for us – even given their lives – to protect our rights and freedoms. And by passing on the stories of horror that these heroes have endured, it reminds us that war is something we never wish to face again. We remember that is better to choose peace over war and that standing up for what we believe in is what makes us Canadians. Champs in Operation Legacy wish to spread this message not only to the adults whose parents perhaps lived through war, or left a war-torn country to come to Canada, but also our youth, as they will be the ones who need to pass on the remembrance to the next generation so that we ensure that the legacy of our veterans is never forgotten.
I encourage everyone – particularly young people – to learn more through The War Amps Military Heritage Series documentaries, which are available at a cost-recovery price at
Jamey Irwin
Operation Legacy Member, Mississauga