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No sympathy

Dear Editor:
Well I’m afraid I don’t have much sympathy for the ‘hunters’ side of OFAH, especially when it/they are continuing the practice of programming an unassuming bear to visit a designated food source. There is no hunting skill involved in waiting - beers within easy reach - for some snook bear to wander within range and shooting it full of holes. After the temporary - and may I say pathetic - euphoria, what happens to the carcass? Is it left to there to rot? How much better it would be to sit quietly with a camera and observe the bear in action; its muscles rippling under the shiny black coat while rounded ears frame its intellegent face. In a recent video where a photographer was filming a mother Alaskan Brown bear and her two cubs, the sow walked by the man, sniffed his camera lens, and then moved on. Now that would be a thrill. Cheers, Graham Ducker, Oshawa.