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Would like to thank a good samaritan

Dear Editor,
My name is David Jaremy. I am the principal of Hornepayne High School. Our Sr. Girls baskeball players were just in Rainy River last week to compete in the NWOSSA championship. While we came up short, the girls and the coaches had a great experience in your community!
While in Rainy River, our girls had some items taken from them. Thankfully, the school took control of the situation and ensured a proper investigation was conducted and all of their belongings were returned.
However, while at the local restaurant, before it was all settled, our girls and coaches were having lunch. Somehow, the message came to the restaurant and a patron that our girls were missing some stuff. As a result, a resident purchased lunch for our entire team! What a story! What a typical small, northern Ontario town thing to do!
However, I would love it if I could find out who it was. I would be thrilled if I could thank them personally and our girls could send a nice card. My coach seemed to think that it may have actually been a former resident of Hornepayne as well! What are the odds, if that is indeed true.
If anyone knows who this good samaritan is could they please contact me at so this person can be properly thanked!
Anyway, while I wish I could have been there with the kids, thanks to the entire Rainy River community for a great experience!
–David Jaremy,
Hornepayne Elementary and Secondary School