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Please don't let this school close

Dear Editor;
I am writing this letter as a concerned parent, taxpayer and community member. I am appalled by the Rainy River District School Board (RRDSB) senior administration. These individuals make a living in the education system, but clearly care very little about the education of our children. They have it in their heads that the best thing for our children is to close Sturgeon Creek School (SCS). I have read the report they recently presented regarding accommodation review and have some concerns.
The report speaks to school utilization. Their definition of utilization refers to physically filling spaces in the school. While SCS is not at capacity, it certainly is not underutilized. The staff, students and parents of this school community utilize their school to the fullest. They utilize it to create the highest EQAO test results in the school board, therefore it is used very effectively for teaching and learning and creating intelligent kids. SCS is utilized to develop student leadership, as 80% of all student council presidents of Rainy River High School have come from SCS. SCS is utilized to foster the arguably highest rate of parental involvement in the board. For example, the SCS parent council developed, planned and hosted the boards very first parent engagement night. The event was a resounding success and garnered attention from administration at the board. The parents are continuously volunteering at the school, attending events and lobbying the school board for the best interest of our kids. SCS is utilized to create a safe student environment. Student’s report high satisfaction, little bullying and extreme safety. The school is used for inclusion, as all students have opportunity to play sports and participate in extracurricular activities such as school plays. SCS is utilized to help create well behaved and well rounded youth. There are high expectations placed on the children and they learn to always do their best. Please be careful in labeling SCS as underutilized as every single day this amazing school is utilized to do extraordinary things.
To the trustees of the RRDSB, please do not let this school be closed.
Angela Haw,