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Well deserved kudos


That is the only way to describe the weather since late last week! Sub-zero temperatures have settled in and do not look like they are going anywhere soon!

On Saturday the Recreation Board and the Best Start Hub hosted their annual Christmas Extravaganza at the Community Centre. While much of the activities were indoors, the bitter cold forced the cancellation of the hayrides.
At one point it looked like the parade was going to be cancelled as well. However, four floats and the fire dept. decided to tough it out and make it happen.

There were also 15 vendors set up in the upstairs of the Community Centre offering a vast variety of wares, baked goods and crafts for sale. Most of the vendors I spoke to reported that they had done good to excellent business!

While only about 20 kids anxiously awaited to visit with Santa and get a goody bag, there more than 100 folks on Main St., some in running cars, and others braving the elements, to watch the parade.
It was cold.... I think all those who worked hard to put on the event, braved the elements to participate in it and those who braved the cold to watch the parade deserve kudos!
All of you truly showed you have Canadian blood when it comes to the cold!

–Until then,