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A high-tech Christmas

It was a high-tech Christmas in our household.
Most people I know like getting cool gadgets and everyone in my family who received one was no different.
However, with new technological toys often there is a learning curve. Both of our teenagers received laptop computers, I received an e-reader/tablet, and the family received a Chromecast.
The kids were ecstatic... no more fighting over the family PC in the livingroom.
However, at just about the same time cries for help came from each of their bedrooms.
They were trying to get their new computers up and running... so it was me to the rescue.
Later that day mom was called upon to try and syncronize the daughter's iPod with her computer.
Being super busy most of Christmas week it was a few days before I was able to try and figure out my e-reader.
On Christmas day we tried out Chromecast. It is an invention that looks like a small thumb/jump drive. You plug it into the back of your t.v. Then you download an application to your smartphone or laptop computer. Then using a service like Netflix or YouTube you can stream high definition programing to your t.v. from your device.
It took both mine and mom's brains over an hour to figure it out... but when we did it was really cool.
Now that we have all those devices figured out I hope it is a while before more technology comes into our lives and we can just sit back and enjoy for a while!
–Until then, Ken