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A wee and 100 degrees difference!

What a difference a week can make!
Last week at this time we were suffering through some of the coldest weather in nearly 20 years! Some places reported -60 F with the windchill factor!
Well on Sunday themometers were topping the 40 F mark... that's plus 40!
That is 100 degrees warmer than just six days before!
I decided to venture outside without long underwear on or even mittens or a toque!
I chipped away ice on the deck, fed the birds, went for a walk with my honey, and later in the day fired up the bbq for the first time in 2014!
The warm day totally lifted my spirits! This time of year I often look at camping websites and brochures to get me out of the winter blues and closer to summer.
But Sunday that 40+ degree weather was so envigorating! I know we will get more cold weather... but it was sure nice to have a little taste of spring.
It gave me resolve to fight on as we face another two or three months of winter (hopefully less)!

–Until then,