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Sunday was Housefly Day!

As I am sure many of you are aware this coming Sunday is Groundhog Day.
With this cold winter, I am sure many of you are placing hope that the hog will predict a shorter rather than longer winter.
Well a creature that does not get as much recognition as the groundhog may have inconspicuously had its day on Sunday.
Yes I believe Sunday was "Housefly Day!"
On Sunday, while it was howling and blowing up a storm outside, a lone house fly dropped from my attic. It awoke from its winter slumber all groggy. But soon it was all abuzz about what the weather was doing outside.
It made its way to the window only to see winter at its worst!
A little later in the day I could not find the fly. It must have been discouraged by what it saw and went back to the attic.
For a moment I had a glimmer of hope that the flies knew something we didn't and winter was just about over.
Then Uncle Bob, who lives further north (two blocks) where generally it is colder (wink wink), reported seeing two flies!
Could we be in for a warming trend?
Well Monday all the flies were no where to be seen and the forecast says cold all week.
Oh well, without hope we have nothing.
Maybe the groundhog will bring us better news this Sunday!

–Until then,