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Why are we sports fans?

Being a sports fan is hard.
At a very young age we learn that cheering for others is part of life.
My first recollection of having a team to cheer for started when I watched Hockey Night in Canada.
My first team was the Montreal Canadians. It was a good time and an easy time to be a fan of theirs. They were winning Stanley Cups year after year with the likes of Guy Lafleur and Ken Dryden playing starring roles.
But I quit watching hockey for several years after the league expanded and the Gretzsky era began.
When I returned to the sport I decided to choose a new team to follow a different team... the Toronto Maple Leafs.
In baseball I have always loved the Blue Jays and sometimes the Minnesota Twins.
In NFL I have followed the Minnesota Vikings faithfully.
There have been several ups along the way, but more downs than ups in most cases.
The Jays won two World Series in the early 90s... but have done little since.
The Vikings have never won the Superbowl or even made it to the big game in all the years I have followed them.
The Leafs occasionally showed promise but usually not enough to make it to the Cup.
On Sunday die hard Denver Broncos fans I know had their dreams crushed by the Seattle Sea Hawks.
Why do we find ourselves needing to have a team to cheer for when ultimately, most of the time, we end up on the losing end of the stick?
Sticking with a team is hard but so many of us do it, including me.
–Until then, Ken