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Something needs to be done about cell service in Morson area

Letter to the Editor,

I am writing with regard to the level of service provided by Tbaytel in the Morson area. I personally find that the level of service provided by Tbaytel in Morson and the surrounding areas is poor at best.. I feel we have been subjected to horrendous internet and cell phone service for years.
I have been given a song and dance from their tech support about the laying of fiber optic cable during the past 4-6 weeks when calling to complain. They have told me there is up to 40% packet loss when trying to send/receive information from the canopy internet service.
The demands on the Morson tower rise significantly during the fishing season (mid-May through Labour day at the peak) and there is a woeful lack of capacity. Tbaytel seems to think we just need to live with until they get around to fixing it on their own timetable.
Upgrades have been done throughout their network to other areas, in my opinion, of less need of improvement while Morson continues to suffer.
I have tried to file a complaint with the CCTS, but have been foiled by the poor internet service and will have to fill out all the comment forms again before trying to submit them through their website. I was finally referred to the CCTS by a tech support supervisor. Complaints form the CCTS are sent to the executive office with the goal of being resolved within 30 days.
Cellular service is also affected as the tower runs both wireless phone and internet service. I have had texts delayed or not sent/received at all. Calls are dropped. The phone doesn’t ring and voicemail prompts appear without any sign of a phone call coming in.
Data services are awful, making tethering to improve service impossible.
Competition from Bell Canada is on the way, but a few years away in terms of internet. Cellular competition has begun with a Bell tower now operating. Internet tethering on the Bell tower is significantly better quality from those customers that roam with the Bell network.
Something needs to be done to help consumers in this area.
Thank you for your time.

Justin Gaudry
Morson, Ontario