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Very impressed with Riverview Manor

Letter to the Editor,
Having recently visited my siblings at their home in Rainy River, I cannot pass up an opportunity to publicly thank the staff who have worked very hard to make Riverview Manor a real “home” for the tenants fortunate enough to reside there.
Since its transition to a Supportive Housing environment for individuals requiring various levels of assistance, Riverview Manor now provides services to almost 100% of the tenants residing there, with the exception of one apartment I believe. Riverview has become an environment that not only supports tenants’ physical needs and challenges, but their mental and social-emotional needs as well. Many of the tenants live alone, some without regular, if any, visits from family and friends; some are primarily house-bound leading to further isolation. Without opportunities to socialize, they would be very lonely.
Supervisor Wanda Pollard and the staff at Riverview have worked hard to ensure that no-one is alone! Wanda has created opportunities for camaraderie and socialization through weekly tenant get-togethers for meals, arts and crafts, bingo, board games, and good old-fashioned card games, all of which keep the brain active and the healthy competitive spirit alive.
On Saturdays, a staff member prepares a home-cooked lunch for all residents for a nominal fee, and, similarly on the last Sunday of the month, a staff member prepares a wonderful home-cooked dinner. Many of these staff purchase supplies and prepare meals at their own homes - on their own time - which goes well above and beyond expectations. Many of the residents at Riverview Manor must rely on the Meals on Wheels Program 5 days per week – the food is good but nothing beats sitting around a large dining table in the lovely Common Room with your friends/neighbours, enjoying a home-cooked meal with a good bit of chatter and a great deal of laughter. This is truly the highlight of the week.
I just want to say “Thank You” to Wanda and the staff of Riverview Manor for everything you do to make the Manor a wonderful home and community, particularly for those who do not have friends and family nearby. Please know that we appreciate your extra efforts and do not take it for granted.
And Teresa Redford, what can I say – you continue to keep the Manor and everyone’s apartment in great shape – you are an extremely hard worker and are sincerely appreciated!
I hope that one day the rest of the District will be so lucky.

–Take care.
Donna Dittaro