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Inspired by my brother-in-law

Have you ever met someone that instantly inspires you?
Last year at my grandma's 90th birthday party I met my sister's partner, Rob Fuller for the first time... or Henry as we called him!
Rob struck me right away with his sense of humour and his always joking around attitude, as a truly happy person.
But one would think that what he had been through in his life already, he would have little to be happy about.
Rob had been in a construction accident several years before he met my sister (Michelle). He lost both legs an eye and a kidney.
But none of that stopped Rob. He was working full time managing apartment buildings when Michelle met him and almost immediately his positive jovial attitude about life caught her attention.
It wasn't long and they became a couple and even managed a building together while she worked full time.
But then Rob had some health issues and was knocked down a peg. But as always, he picked himself up and kept on going. He had to give up building management when his kidney failing and dialysis became a regular part of life while he hoped and waited for a donor.
Recently he became quite sick and went into the hospital. He had surgery and did not wake up right away. But when he did he had the nurse help him call his true love, my sister, and it appeared Rob was gearing up for a another fight for his life.
But last week things became difficult and on Friday, Rob lost the fight he had won so many times.
He truly inspired me to appreciate the life I have and how blessed I am. He made us smile and laugh so many times. Rob was a beacon of hope for so many people struggling with difficulties daily.
He will be truly missed by my sister and us all.
–Until then, Ken