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Englishman finds book with local ties

Letter to the Editor,
My name is David Hemsley, I am 73 years old and reside at 26 Cote Lane, Allerton, Bradford, BD15 8LA, West Yorkshire, United Kingdom.
I have lived in Bradford, Yorkshire for most of my life with a short spell of two years in Queensland Australia. However my antecedents belong in the North East of the UK where I was born in 1942 in Birtley Co Durham.
I have no adult relatives left in that area other than my fathers brother Gilbert who suffers from altziemers and is in a home. I am still in contact with his children in Darlington.
The reason I am including this detail is due to the fact I have come across a book, again, filed away at some time. My wife believes it is from my side of the family rather than hers and probably as a result of house clearances. To deepen the mystery the name I am enquiring about seems to have no relevance to my family that I am aware of.
My fathers side are Hemsleys and my mothers side includes Baileys, Potters and Selkirks.
The book I have found is ‘Bible Readings for the home circle- Illustrated’ I have included three photograph attachments.
On the second page in there is an inscription:-
“Fred Wate a Birthday present from his loving wife Margaret Wate Norman Lake of the Woods Ontario Canada July 12th 1890”
5th page in: shows Toronto Ontario Review and Herald publishing co. Battle Creek Mich Chicago Ill 1889
6th page in: Warwick and sons publishers printers and bookbinder Toronto Canada
same page small: copyrighted 1888 by Review and Herald all rights reserved.
I wondered if there might be members of the family of this couple still in your area who read your paper who would like to have this book as a remembrance of their relatives. If this was the case I would be happy to forward the same on to them.
Kind Regards,
David Hemsley