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Cyberbullies should be suspended

Dear Editor,
Have you ever been bullied online?
Cyberbullying is the worst thing ever. I believe that students should be suspended for cyberbullying because it is down right mean.
Most school policies don’t accept any form of bullying and cyberbullying is just as bad as any other kind if not worse.
One reason cyberbullying isn’t the answer is because it puts people down. People use social media to talk to friends, post nice photos and leave positive comments.
Then there’s those people who use it for other things; bullying. Cyberbullying can get as bad as depression, self harm and suicide. The internet should be a safe place to share things and see what your close friends are doing, not to be bullied.
Cyberbullying gets in the way of school as well. We go to school to learn, to interact with people and to succeed in our lives.
When cyberbullying is going on the school environment changes. It isn’t enjoyable to go to school, students dread going there. We are here to learn not worry about what is going to happen next.
Cyber Bullying is never okay. Another thing is that it just isn’t necessary. The internet is to learn new facts. One of the facts I have learned is that the internet is turning people into monsters. People just don’t understand how cyberbullying can ruin your life forever. It is the meanest kind of bullying and it needs to stop.
I have learned from experience that the internet is becoming the worst place to be.
I strongly believe the student should be suspended for cyberbullying.
It is hurtful and the internet wasn’t made for bullying. About 10 years ago the problem was bullying at school, now it has gone way beyond school and is getting in the way of everything.
Cyberbullying is really bad and I feel that suspension is the answer.

Kirsten Armstrong