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Cyberbullying is not necessary

Dear Editor,
I believe that students should be suspended from schools for cyberbullying for the following reasons.
The first reason is that the students that cyberbully should be suspended. This because most school policies do not permit any type of bullying. Even if the bullying is done outside of school if it affects the school day it is punishable. In our school board we have policies about our digital citizenship and school policy number 2.2 states that The intended use for technology does not include cyberbullying.If you are cyberbullying you are not being a good digital citizen.
Another reason is that every day a new kid is cyber bullied, and sometimes you can’t make it stop. Almost every person is targeted by cyberbullying in their life, and suspending kids for cyberbullying would bring down the rate of victims, but If you suspended every kid from school in one day there wouldn’t be many kids at school the next day, but if it’s not many kids at school the next day that brings down the rate of cyber bullying I believe suspension should be done.
My last reason is that it is just not necessary. The internet is for learning not for bullying. Some people just need to think before they attack people through the internet because it is there forever, even if you delete your search history.
Cyberbullying is a worldwide problem that needs to be stopped, and I believe that suspending kids for cyberbullying would reduce this problem from little to none.

Olivia Kreger