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Really appreciated everyone involved

Attention Mayor and Council of Rainy River,
As Project Supervisor on this construction, I would like to take this opportunity to thank the community and local businesses of Rainy River for their patience and support during the 2015-16 construction and revitalization of 4th and River St. in downtown Rainy River. Overall the project went smooth.
I would like to also acknowledge each and every operator, labourer, concrete and stone layer, and support persons for their quality workmanship. In addition to these hands on trades’ people there were other professionals who worked and collaborated together in the construction, design and overall infrastructure on this project. The consulting company of Hatch provided design and support, and Makkinga Contracting, along with their sub contractor Pioneer Construction, facilitated this project to its successful end result.
A special mention also goes out to some of the behind the scene people, who contributed to the smooth and safe flow of this project, specifically town foreman Bob Jenson and his crew, and Veldron Vogan, CAO. Your support was appreciated.
Again I extend a special appreciation to the community of Rainy River for their cooperation and patience during the construction phases of this project. May you enjoy it for the next 100 years!
Carlo Cantera
Project Supervisor
Rainy River Revitalization