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From the Front Desk and Advertising Desk

Dawn & I would like to take this opportunity to say it was a great pleasure to serve and work with the people in the town of Rainy River and surrounding area over the past 28 years. We always tried our hardest to do what we could, to the best of our ability, for our customers.
It has been an honour to be here for families who have just had a birth, death, graduation, birthday,  significant anniversary, or just a red ribbon at the track and field  meet at Riverview School. Every signifigant event was important to each family.
We've made mistakes, typos, omissions, screw-ups, and boy do they hurt. But we always tried to correct what we had done and if we couldn't, well, we are still very sorry for some of the things we couldn't correct.
As a small office close relationships were formed between the three staff here.We will miss very much working in each others company.  We will also miss the morning staff meetings where many news stories developed and where we caught up on each others lives.
A sign that has crossed our desks many times over the years reads "Do you want to talk to the man in charge or the women who know whats going on?" (Sorry Ken) We did take pride in the assistance we could give community members on the happenings in the area.
It was always a pleasure to meet new faces in town and around the area when they came in  to subscribe to the paper or when printing was needed.
The most important part of any newspaper is the readers, without you, well, why would we do this. Thank you to all our loyal readers out there. We will miss you all.  
Thank you to everyone who have supported us over the years.
Take Care!
See you on the flipside!

Dawn Drennan, Front Office
Anne Mailloux, Advertising Manager