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Grateful for Record Experience

To the team at the Rainy River Record & The Fort Frances Times,

It was with some sadness to read the news that the Rainy River Record will be printing its final issue this month. The Record holds a special place in my heart. It was the first summer job I had that did not involve working with sweet corn, u-pick strawberries or European leaf-cutter bees. (I still have nightmares about the latter.)
I spent two summers at the Rainy River Record, one that was shared with the Fort Frances Times, as the “cub reporter.” I learned a great deal working with both publications and was allowed to hone my writing skills both in news articles and in my own column, “As the Cookie Crumbles.” These two summers launched my first adult career into journalism. While this didn’t become a lifelong ambition for me, I have to say I learned a heck of a lot at my time bouncing around the Rainy River District, camera at my side, notebook full of scribbles.
So from the kid who had no idea he would find so much joy in writing, thank you very much for the chance to explore the world of community news. It was a blast.

All the best,

Mark Elliott
Former Staff Writer, Rainy River Record & Fort Frances Times