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100 ideas needed

It seems just like yesterday when we were planning the 90th Anniversary of Rainy River. Now the plans have begun for the town’s 100th in 2004. Wow!
While the town existed prior to 1904, it was not officially incorporated as Rainy River until that year. Since then the town has seen many ups and downs and always managed to come out on top of things.
In the early part of the century the railway opened up links to the outside world that were only accessible by long journeys over water for Rainy River. It is that railway history that predominated much of the history we call the past 100 years.
Rainy River was a crucial point on the Canadian Northern Railway which later became Canadian National. It had a roundhouse for servicing engines and cars and boasted hundreds of employees.
As the century wore on the roundhouse disappeared and the town that was at one time 2,400 strong dwindled as CNR employee numbers faded away.
Still one of the largest employers in town, CNR today plays an integral role in the community’s economy.
Of course there were many other historic events that made Rainy River what it is today. People like Ernie Calvert opened up the tourism trade on the Rainy River and Lake of the Woods, basing his launches out of Rainy River where tourists came to by train in search of untouched wilderness.
Now we prepare to celebrate all those great times and reflect on where they have brought us and where we go from here.
We all need to chip in and help make the celebration of the town’s 100th fun and exciting. I remember as a kid having historical days at Riverview School, wearing knee-knickers, bringing box lunches and playing marbles.
No idea is too small or too big. Come out to the meeting next week and pitch in.
–Until then, Ken