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Give her a pat on the back

Ken's Korner
by Ken Johnston

It takes a great deal of dedication and determination to run a successful event and that is exactly what the Rainy River Recreation Board's planner, Monique Gall had over the weekend.
Running one event is one thing but running two at once is another. The Great Imposters were at the Recreation Center Friday evening and from all accounts were very entertaining.
At the same time a sixteen team baseball tournament began.
The weekend was busy and rivaled the Railroad Daze activities in July.
By tournament's end Sunday, Gall was exhausted. Everyone that I spoke with said they really felt it was a well run tournament and those who attended the entertainment Friday thoroughly enjoyed themselves.
Gall deserves a great deal of credit for putting together a couple of bang up events for so many people to enjoy and participate in. However she couldn't have done it without a cast of volunteers.
Her board and many members of the community came out and helped in everything from ball diamond maintenance to bar tending.
Seeing so many people willingly giving of their time made me feel good to be a member of this community.
Gall's enthusiasm and dedication to the recreation board and the community truly stood out as an example of good things to come. The support from the volunteers and her board was testament to that.
She has many more irons in the fire for future events. She deserves a great deal of credit and will need our support again as more events come to fruition.
So if you see her give her a pat on the back and if you think you can help the community's recreation program or center out offer some of your time.
After all you only get out of something what you put into it.
-Until then,