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Better ways to teach your pet

Dear Editor.
The subject line of my email is a statement that I am trying all media to think about. My reason is simple, “Who is at fault when a dog turns on a child, a mentally challenged person hordes cats or an animal is abandoned when the owner does not know how to care for it?
Every day I can find a headline that is about one of the topics above.
Articles about a dog that goes on a biting sprees and injures or kills a people is in the news a least once a month, why this usually happens is do to lack of education on the owner.
If you go into any shelter, humane society or pet store here in Canada it is very easy to walk out with a new puppy, kitten or fish. The owner pays for the adoption or the fee for the pet and they leave the facility with the new pet. Depending on the facility, the owner is given a couple pieces of paper on how to care for the pet and told to give them a call if they have any problems.
Most pet owners do have problems with their pets. Dogs bark, cats scratch and fish float, its all part of being a pet owner. The problem is that most pet owners are not getting the information that they need to care for their pets. If they are, why are the shelters full of pets? Why are people bitten?
Why do we have puppy mill?
I could ask you a hundred questions about why we have pet problems and we would be no further ahead at the end of the conversation, the question is what do we do about it.
For the last three years we have been putting together a tool to help pet owners get the information they need to care for their pets with our educational software. Our goal was to make a tool that was inexpensive and educational that all shelters, pet stores, humane societies and rescues could give away to new pet owners when a pet left their facility.
The result was a CD that we are selling to the facilities above or 1.25 ( our cost ) to help educate the world about pet care.
Thank you
David Beart & Amy Sheppard
The Pet Professor
Calgary Alberta,