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Memories are priceless

I hate to sound like a credit card commercial but here goes.
Dress: $300
Tuxedo: $150
Hair & make up: $100
Stretched limo: $200
Flowers: $100
Dinner: $100
Photos: $50
Memories: Priceless!
Despite all the money spent on kids for the annual prom and the fact that as soon as the first dance is over they often change out of their fancy clothes into casuals and head for a prom party everyone I talk to still thinks that prom is worthwhile.
While not everyone spends money on everything above, the average couple likely spends between $500 and $600.
Multiply that by 17 (the number of couples this year) and one is looking at about $8,500 on the low side. Add the expenses of decorations and entertainment to the cost and it is likely about $10,000-$12,000.
The grand march lasts about five minutes and the first dance lasts five minutes. That is about $1,000 per minute. Some would argue that is a waste of money, but for the most part prom is a night most students will remember for the rest of their lives.
For many it is the first truly formal engagement they will attend. It is with the friends many have spent the past dozen years or so growing up with.
It is fun and one of those key steps to adulthood that everyone remembers.
One can’t put a price on memories and even if one could, the cost of prom is very small when one looks at the other milestones in life that we never forget. Milestones like weddings, going to college or buying a first house.
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