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Hats off to the people fighting the flood

Letter to the editor,
I am writing from Fort Frances which as you know is only an hour away, but it seems like across the world in a time like this.
I just want to take this moment to say how thankfull and proud I am to have been raised in such a community as Rainy River, when they say good neighbours, I guess they literally meant people from this district. I truly wish I good be there to help out where needed but unfortunately problems here deter my ways. I really would like to thank the friends and neighbours who have constantly been there to help my mother out when needed, and just to make sure she was okay, your kindness and caring will never be forgotten. You are all great people, and should be proud of what you accomplish, no matter how small it may seem at this time. Mother Nature can be a great force to contend with, but as you all shown so are you. Once again hats off to you all, as July first approaches we all will stand proud as a community who stood together.good luck to you all and God bless.
Thank you,
Marie Kubera (Amundsen),
Fort Frances