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The town deserves credit for building the dike

Nothing was wasted.
I have heard an emergence of skeptics coming forth since the initial danger of flooding passed about ten days ago.
People saying the dike was a waste of money and should never have been built. Perhaps they are right but that is yet to be seen.
The water came right up to the road but did not cross it. Flood gates were set to be opened on Wednesday morning. Had they been the water would likely have reached the dike.
Town officials, including the mayor, council and clerk made the right decision based on what they knew at the time. They were told the water could come up by another 18-20 inches vertically. They were told by the officials controlling the dam at Fort Frances and the Ministry of Natural Resources to get the dike built.
Since last Monday we have received at least four more inches of rain and the river has started to rise in town again. Water crept back into the park on the weekend. If it continues to rain like it has the dike may yet be challenged.
If council had not built the dike and the water did come over the road they would have been condemned for not doing enough.
I think they did the right thing and now have to look at a way to make the dike a permanent fixture that is pleasing to the eye and protects people from potential flooding.
–Until then,