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Thanks to the people of Rainy River District for your help

Dear Editor
My faith in humankind has been restored a hundred fold. Thanks to two wonderful citizens of Stratton, I now have all the pertinent information I had been looking for, for 30 years on our Uncle Dan Fraser and his family. I received two letters with penmanship far better than my own in response to my letter to the editor a few weeks ago. Now I am finally settled in my mind that Dan and his family are all together in the Shenston Cemetery as they were in life. Thanks to all those who had information and helped my two letter writers with the information they were able to impart.
I can’t help but wonder now if anyone has even just one picture of this family which they would care to share with me. I would gladly send it back after I copied it...if it is a personal treasure. Since Dan was the last of his family to die I am wondering if a Heffren descendant might have one.
Thanks again to the wonderful people of Rainy River District for their help.

Carol Fraser