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A bear hunt is more than what you described

Letter to the Editor,
In regards to Mr. J. Graham Ducker’s letter last week.
First of all no one called the hunter in question a hero. Now I’ll make this simple for you Mr. Ducker, a bear hunt in Ontario consists more than what you described, a week’s vacation in Canada with fishing and meeting new people and the chance of harvesting a bear is more like it.
They do find it rewarding to sit quietly and watch wildlife. Cameras and camcorders are common among the hunters, as many try to get as much as possible of their trips to show there families. The peace and quiet that we take for granted is greatly appreciated by our southern friends.
Now hunting over baits, has proven to be the best method for hunting bears. By being as close as possible the hunter can determine the size and the sex of the animal accurately. No one wants to make the dreaded mistake of harvesting a sow that has cubs.
By being close the chances of this are greatly reduced, opposed to a four hundred yard shot across a grain field. Also being close greatly increases the chance of quick humane kill. Now in the case of the bear in your letter, it was unfortunate that it took more than one shot. But that’s why baiting and being close is a pro and not a con. So if more shots are required it is still more humane than to have the animal wounded and not recovered.
As for your wasted meat comment, this bear was recovered and little meat was wasted. If the bear had not been recovered that would be wasted meat. The bear population in Ontario Mr. Ducker has been out of hand since the cancellation of the spring bear hunt. Complaints of bears have been on the rise since 1999.
Last year in the town here at Hannam Park, the OPP had to destroy a bear which wandered into town to search for food.
There are many issues in the bear situation of Ontario, which you or myself will not solve. The tourism industry in Northwestern Ontario provides many jobs and is a big part of our economy. By using terms “pathetic” and “skulking pathetic hunters” towards the industries paying customers not to mention the benefits these customers provide for our areas, restaurants, gas stations, grocery stores and motels, shows us you don’t fully understand what you’re talking about.
Calling names and judging people that you have never met tells me you don’t have a problem with the bear story, Mr. Ducker you have a problem with hunting in general. Looking forward to your reply.
Shane Gulbrandsen
Rainy River