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Awesome volunteer

Letter to the editor,
I would like to take this opportunity to advise you and the community of the dedication of one of our emergency service workers, Cheryl Morrison. I feel that Cheryl deserves recognition for her countless hours of volunteer time, after school, evenings and weekends, over the past few years.
Cheryl has been offering free instruction and tutoring to interested high school students in Emergency First Responder certification to service Rainy River High School and Riverview Elementary School. Cheryl demands excellence and commitment from participants and four young women acquired their EFR certification this past fall; Kalli Fuhrer, Alexis Sharp, Jessie Bourre and Deidre Wilson.
Cheryl took it one step further this spring and spent an additional 40+ hours for training as well as driving Kalli and Deidre to Fort Frances and Kenora as part of their required orientation necessary to achieve their Emergency Medical Responder certification. Kalli and Deidre are now the first of 5 students to received EMR certification in the District as of June 7/09 in Fort Frances.
I feel this is a very important program, one that our community certainly benefits from. It offers students an opportunity to grow as better citizens, to become more compassionate human beings, to explore future career opportunities, and so much more. Without Cheryl’s dedication to the program and the students, this type of training would not be available to our students.
Cheryl was recognized at the RRHS Graduation Ceremony last Wednesday.
Thanks for your time.
–Joy Wilson,
Rainy River