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A step backwards for Rainy River

Letter to the editor,
Unfortunately the town has taken a step backwards. History repeats itself as well-meaning folk recently vandalized community property. I am referring to the re-establishment of a tent on the asphalt surface adjacent to the arena. The surface was destroyed about a decade ago by hammer-wielding enthusiasts. Now that a new asphalt surface is in place and people are trying to restore the area for multipurpose recreational activities the idea of penetrating the asphalt with 48 large spikes has been reborn.
Has this improved the town’s recreational facilities in any way?
Has it made the town more attractive to anyone wishing to relocate here?
Is there no other type of tent or surface that can be used?
Is a patched-up asphalt surface as good as a new one?
Would the organizers of this action do this to their own driveway, parking lot or tennis court?

–Albert Beller