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Instead of complaining, get involved

Dear Mr Editor
I would like to compliment the Chamber for their vision of pursuing the Birding aspect of the Rainy River Area. Locally we have known for decades this area was a major flyway for a large number of species, but we have done little to promote it. At last we have seen some action initiated on it. It can be a major tourist attraction, that is non-invasive, non destructive and in short would encourage another source of tourist bucks for our local economy. They might even patronize a quality local motel.
We as a community have done a great job of promoting our sport fishing through a number of tournaments and continue to do so.
Our whitetail hunt industry is flourishing. Just take note of the regional and international sportsmen who frequent the area every year, hiring guides and filling hunting camps, hotels and restaurants.
Look at the bonspiels, ball tournaments, community festivals, etc. They are all promoted by an army of volunteers
Perhaps instead of being so negative, the whiners and complainers should actually look at what many community minded volunteers are doing to support the local economy. Instead of complaining about what is not being done, get involved and help make a positive difference. After all your community and business(es) stand(s) to gain from all your ideas and energy.
Yours truly
Jack Elliott- sick of the whiners, nit pickers and ‘can’t
be doners’