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Bird watching market had potential

Letter to the Editor,
Perhaps I can shed a little light on the bird situation in answer to Rob’s queries about the “bird issue.”
In this area, Bird watching is a relatively new concept in comparison to the other outdoors activities available in this area. Over the years, many people have spent countless hours brainstorming and trying to find a way to promote our community to the rest of the world to better the economic status of our community. As a previous member of several organizations who invested their efforts in this manner, I understand the reasoning behind the interest in birds.
Hunting and fishing has been promoted for many years in the Rainy River area but the potential market of drawing people interested in bird related activities to our area, is relatively untapped. We have come up with many ideas such as renaming the streets after individual birds or painting bird murals on various buildings. Obviously, neither of these ideas bore any fruitation. What we need are some good ideas that are actually carried out and have positive results! Unfortunately we have a tiny population and even fewer people who are willing or able to invest the time needed to develop new strategies.
Generally speaking, what we do have are people who sit on their fannies and criticise the lack of effort made or the manner the effort is made. Wouldn’t it be wonderful if the community would actually work together for a common purpose?!?
There is no quick fix, and instead of doing a critique, get out and join the various organizations and help make a difference. We have a select few of the same people who tirelessly spend all kinds of time and effort attempting to make a difference while others sit back and complain that things weren’t done to their satisfaction.
As I travel in other areas of Canada, I try to keep my eyes open to observe how other communities in our situation have changed their position in the scheme of things, and I’m trying to pick some novel ideas, etc.
At this point in time, I’m unable to live in Rainy River but I’m looking forward to the day that I can move back to the area and be involved in community affairs.
I can’t think of anything more rewarding than play a role in the betterment of my community. Rainy River is a beautiful town that has taken some hard economic hits in the last several years but is far from dead and has many unique features to offer. It just needs a lot of long term community support to make things happen! And several ingenious ideas wouldn’t hurt either!!!!
–Monica Pigeon (Nelson),
Fort McMurray, AB