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Is there interest in the community to do a Relay for Life?

Letter to the Editor:
Rainy River has had great success when it comes to fundraising events for the Canadian Cancer Society. We usually just do Cuts for Cancer or general donations, but now the cancer society would like to do a "Relay for Life" in Rainy River.
I received a call from the Cancer Society last week about how successful this town has been when it comes to raising money for an event. They asked me of our town would be interested in hosting an event, of course I accepted right away.
I will be having a meeting with the society later in the fall to discuss the plans and to determine the type of interest there is in the town. I believe this is a huge step for Rainy River, not only is it raising money for a great cause, is also promotes the town for holding an event on their national website.
If people are interested in putting in a team I would like to know as soon as possible so I can show the Cancer Society that there are groups interested. People can contact me for more information at the town office.
They are hoping to get ten teams involved so that they can run a full event. Many places around Rainy River do the Relay for Life like Fort Frances, Atikokan, and many other communities have already started their events and hopefully we can start ours.

Andrew Hartnell
Community Coordinator